About Us | İstanbul Medical Thermal - Tuzla


Tuzla Mineral Spring and Thermal Spahas been healing people and providing the opportunity to treat many diseases naturally since the 12th centuryByzantine period.

Its reputation having reached to large masses for the first time with EvliyaChelebi’sThe Travelogue on 1611,Tuzla Mineral Spring and Thermal Spa was incorporated in 1927 as “Tuzla İçmeleri A.Ş.” and ‘in Tuzla drinking Inc.’ and has come until today.

“Istanbul Medical Thermal”, which is the modern side of Tuzla Mineral Spring and Thermal Spa, is one of the most important facilities in Turkey, where conventional Thermal Spa and Drinking Cure, as well as Modern Hydrotherapy and Physical Therapy elements are used.


We provide a peaceful living space with verdant nature and clean air in the heart of the city, and we aim to improve your quality of life by combining conventional spa concept with innovative and modern style.


Tuzla Mineral Spring and Thermal Spa, aiming to provide healing to people for more than 700 years, has renewed itself in every era and set an example with its forward-looking applications for similar subsequent establishments established after it with forward-looking practices.

The “Istanbul Medical Thermal” project, which was put forward as a result of the same understanding, is the only facility in our country built in line with the same objective.